Aquatic therapy can be an invaluable rehabilitation tool, not only for those who find exercising on dry land challenging.
The warm temperature of the water promotes muscle relaxation which can be especially helpful if spasticity is causing pain or inhibiting movement. 
Water also provides natural resistance, which can be harnessed for highly effective strength training. The natural buoyancy that water provides can help to facilitate movement even in the presence of severe weakness. It can also  enable mobility whilst eliminating the fear of falling. 
Here at Shoreline Physio we can introduce you to this unique rehabilitation medium, with a detailed assessment and provision of a bespoke rehabilitation or maintenance programme. We offer 1:1 or small group sessions where you will receive ongoing movement analysis and progression of exercises to  help you get the most from your session. 
Alternatively, if you are already exercising in water, we can reassess you and modify your exercise programme accordingly to ensure maximum safety and efficiency, and help you get the best results from your time in the pool.