Here are just a few examples of feedback provided by happy clients. We welcome all feedback and continually evaluate our practice in order to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients. 

"Ruth demonstrates complete professionalism in her work- I have received superb service, support, treatment and care since our initial meeting. I had a major stroke and it has been thanks to Ruth's advice and treatment, that I have been able to make such good progress with my rehab - in particular areas such as hiking, cycling, and canoeing. Her professional service is testament to my recovery, of which I am very grateful. A one in a million, true physiotherapist" M.B. MBE May 2019

"Ruth is a superb neurophysio- she assisted me in the build-up to the start of season's Para-Nordic ski season, and even went as far as to fly out to Finland with the squad in order to support me through Classification, which, with a brain injury, is never a straightforward process. Ruth's knowledge and enthusiasm for her work really impressed me, as has her flexibility of working and willingness to try different approaches and understand the requirements of whatever patient she is working with- it's really refreshing, as a para athlete, to meet a physio that understands that sometimes treatment can be approached from the perspective of a performance outcome as well as rehab" JH March 2019, GB ParaNordic Ski Team

"Ruth has been working with a family member who has Parkinson's and has been great. Professional, reliable, friendly and with lots of ideas and suggestions. As well as doing regular visits she has also created easy to follow exercise routines for use between visits. Highly recommended" AT September 2018


“I would like to say how much you have helped my husband who has had Parkinson's for over 25 years. Your professional approach and calm manner were exemplary in helping my husband to do the various programme of exercises you tailored specifically for him. Parkinson's Disease is, as you know, not just about the physical difficulties but the mental aspect also, which can prove challenging to say the least.

I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking for a physiotherapist to visit them in the comfort of their own home to look no further than Ruth Osborne of Shoreline Physio. The individual help received has been invaluable and having it provided in his own home was so much better for him in every respect.

Thank you Ruth for all you have done” LD April 2019

"I wish I'd met you years ago" Retired GP, post back surgery October 2018

"You've honestly been amazing through all of this" JG September 2018

"In our short time together you have taught me lifelong skills to reduce and prevent pain. You never made me feel awkward and listened to what I said, and you are very experienced and easy to talk to"

JH June 2018

“I attended Shoreline Physio having suffered severe neurological episode that had left me with spasms and clonus in my legs. Ruth quickly realised where my problems stemmed from and used her immense neurological knowledge to teach me how to use pilates exercises to ease my symptoms and put me back in control when managing them. Ruth has made dealing with my spasms, in particular, a lot easier"

MJ July 2018